Holiday Handbook

 Think back — long ago — to those days when you were a kid, to the days when you had been looking forward to the holidays all year and believed in Santa Claus. Here in Truckee and North Tahoe, we are truly blessed with a winter wonderland. And no one appreciates it more than the kids in our community. Baking cookies, sledding in the backyard, digging snow caves, decorating the tree, building snowmen, and opening presents — elementary school students from schools across the region shared with us their favorite things to do during the holidays. Read on… they will remind you of the mystique the holidays held in your youth.

Note: The children’s words are published as they were written, in English or Spanish, complete with misspelled words and no punctuation. We enjoyed reading them just as they were and hope you do, too.


Truckee Elementary

Throught snowballs at my family! Make snow men to!
~ Emily Monson, 8

Navidad me gusta Celebra con luces me gusta Navidad porque Santa Clous los trae regalos me gusta Truckee por la nieve y el sol porque cuando sale el sol bamos a la plana.
~ Evelyn Sanchez, 8

Making snow forts and skiing with my cousins.
~ Emma Easterbrook, 8

Going down town and look at all the shops because I adore all the decorations.
~ Celeste Valentino, 8

To play outside in the snow. I especially like to sled, ski, jump in the snow and make snowmen (except my dog eats its nose). Remember, never eat yellow snow!
~ Kelly A. Cross, 8

To help other people even if I am not asked to do it. I even like sledding and skiing with my brother.
~ Annebelle Walterscheid, 8

Disfrutar y aser cosas en Truckee.
~ Jazmin Garcia Ramirez, 8

 I like to open presents on Christmas and I love to play in the snow to. I also love setting up the Christmas tree before Christmas.
~ Kaley Rose Settle, 8

Me gustan las fiestas porque se reune toda mi familia y mis amigos pero mas me gusta la navidad porque me dan muchos regalos y me encanta la nieve.
~ Yesenia Hernandez, 8

Riding on my snowboard at Northstar.
~ Dante, 8

I put on my snow suit and go sledding out side and play in the snow and make a snowman.
~ Haley Hames, 9

Spend time with my family and go shopping for presents. And go with my friends. What I like most of all is playing outside!
~ Zaira N. Mora, 8

Ice skating, skiing, cross country skiing, and snowmobiling.
~ Tatianna Lamperti, 8

Visit family and friends. I also like to read a lot on the holidays.
~ Maggie Mann, 8

Hanging out with my family and skiing.
~ Talia Herrera, 8

To play in the snow and scooter.
~ Nate Bromley, 8

A me me gusta las fiestas porque mucha comida I piñatas I pastels.
~ Jonathan M., 8

Cenar en nochbueno y abrir los regalos en Navidad.
~ Kevin Magana, 8

Lake Tahoe School

I go in the snow and sled down the hills.
~ Adam Cartledge, 9

Lighting the menorah with the chamush. I like doing it because it is a family tradition.
~ Jackson, 8

To go skiing on blue and black runs at Diamond Peak.
~ Ethan Llorens-Chen, 8

Going ice skating with friends and family because they serve hot chocolate and
I feel like I’m gliding through the air.
~ Kylie Ludviksen, 8

To go skiing and racing on black and blue diamond runs at Diamond Peak.
~ Sean Busse, 8

Make a snowman because it’s the only time my dad
doesn’t have to work!
~ Isabel Miller, 9

Building snowforts in my backyard with my dad. After my dad and I are finished, I like to make a cold and comfortable seat in my snowfort.
~ Mary Jane Hatchett, 8

I like to ice skate on the ice skating rink. I like to hear my sharp blades rip the ice. Oh lucky me! I get to have lots of winter fun!
~ Vanya Valtuniu, 8.5

Going skiing at Diamond Peak because it’s always cold, and there’s always snow, and pretty much all the hills are steep.
~ Satchel, 8.5

Ski and sled outside when I have time to do it. At my house, I sled instead of stedding at Mt. Rose. I mainly ski at Diamond Peak but sometimes I ski at Northstar. It’s fun to ski at Northstar every once in a while. I also like to celebrate the holidays. I celebrate Hanukkah and Christmas too. Happy holidays!
~ Max Rock, 8

To go sledding on the driving range at the Chateau with my friends, family, and my dog.
~ Tommy Ornburg, 9

To go outside and make snowmen. I find things in my yard and make eyes from rocks or woodchips. After I make them I go inside and sit by the fire.
~ Rebecca Waterson, 8

Going horse back rideing with Cid and Sophia.
~ Julia Holm, 8

Skiing at Northstar. I like skiing at Northstar because I like the jumps, the trails, and this ski run called Magic Mogles. Magic Mogles has the really fun jumps.
~ Annie McCarthy, 8

To go skiing, ice skating, and make snowmen and snow tunnels. The best thing about November and December is Thanksgiving and Christmas.
~ Clara Hart, 8

To go ice skating with my mother. I like skating at Northstar and the Truckee skating rink.
~ Clara J. Lee, 8

 I like to go ice skating. I like to build a snow man. I like to bake cookies and to have a lot of fun.
~ Ingrid Altunin, 8.5

Tahoe Lake Elementary

To be thankful for where we live, which is the most beautiful place in the world and thankful for my family and friends.
~ Devon Schmidt, 8

Ski in Squaw and play with my friends. Sleep in and have snow ball fights.
~ Lucca Scibird, 8

Skiing at Squaw on Red dog and papoose and having a feast on thanksgiving. I love that but I most of all love opening presents on Christmas morning.
~ Ella Kellenberger, 8

Go to Homewood and ski and drink hot cocoa with whipped cream with friends and family. I like to make snowmen.
~ Casey Garrity, 8

Having fun with my family when my Nana and Papa come up.
~ Blake Conner, 9

To play in the snow with my big sister and to get all the presents. And to play in the snow with my friends!
~ Olivia Sproehnle, 8

Kings Beach Elementary

The tree lighting ceramony in Kings Beach. I like to see Santa and the snow sculpture contest.
~ Cami Carter, 9

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