In response to opinion piece, Squaw Alpine Gondola Project, a Showcase of Damaging Impacts

Gondola Would Create Amazing Skiing

I’m not actually a fan of KSL, but it would appear that the author deserves a charter membership in the NIMBY club. She wants to keep other people’s private land empty, so she can enjoy hers without further expense. I have hiked all of the area in question, and the gondola would have very little visual impact. On the other hand, it would create an amazing variety of skiing experiences.

~ truckeefrank, via online



Spot-on commentary to yet another ego-driven concept to irreparably damage a pristine area. Something as absurd as this gondola proposal is just another far-fetched, unnecessary proposal to build something for the sake of media promotion, to try and increase visitor numbers, no more no less and by the way, it will not access any new skier terrain and will create a visual blight in a picturesque wilderness area.

~ Dan Hikel, Truckee, via online

In response to  Straws Suck 

Better Containers

Hope all businesses move that way soon, though I know the paper straws are more expensive. In the meantime, we should all carry reusable containers and straws — not that difficult, especially since we drive or bike to most places!

~ Zina Semenovskaya, via Facebook

In response to A Dog Park for Truckee

Yes and No

We spend two to three weeks in Truckee visiting family. I would never let our dogs just roam free up there. People who travel with their campers need places to let their dogs enjoy the space but it is still an unknown in some areas. Dog parks are a huge help!

~ Cathy Loper, via Facebook

I’d much rather annex east end Donner Lake back from the State and make it town property.

~ Dave Gove, via Facebook

Dog parks serve a different purpose to trails and mountains. For older owners and older dogs, parks provide a safe environment for them to explore, and for owners and dogs to socialize. The mountains are wonderful, but my 85-year-old mother and her 15-year-old Chihuahua aren’t climbing them anymore. People need to be more thoughtful about everyone’s needs, not just their own.

~ Jennifer Gunning Gomez, via Facebook

Having smaller dogs, this to me feels like a safer option, even if it is a false sense of security a little bit. I get very nervous being out with my two small dogs on trails because, honestly, they are food up here!

~ Christina Spain Temple, via Facebook

They should build affordable housing.

~ Gerald Palmer, via Facebook

In response to When There Is a Will, There Is a Way

Learn More About This Disabling Disorder

As the subject of last month’s Feel Good story, I want to thank all the volunteers at Achieve Tahoe for all they do for all their students, Kevin (Peeta’s Tahoe Buddy), Alan (the photographer of our portrait), and Operation Freedom Paws for all their work in the training of Peeta and myself.
As May was EDS Awareness month, I encourage readers to visit to learn more about this disabling disorder and many of the hidden symptoms. People with Ehlers Danlos are frequently misdiagnosed with other disorders, while many others may search for a diagnosis for decades. EDS symptoms may vary greatly, though many suffer from extreme joint pain, muscular spasms, migraines, excessive fatigue, and GI problems while also battling many of the secondary disorders that frequently accompany EDS.  

This month is Myasthenia Gravis awareness month. As with Ehlers Danlos, Myasthenia Gravis presents itself with varying symptoms. Some of the most common symptoms include severe muscular weakness, chronic fatigue, drooping eyes, blurry and/or double vision and slurred speech. I invite readers to get informed online for further details. #MgStrong #ZebraWarrior

~ Deborah Vick, Morgan Hill, via letter


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