It’s been about five years since the TDRPD committed to keeping the venerable Veterans Memorial Building as a public asset. The Friends of the Veterans Memorial Building was formed at that time as a community representative to help invigorate the hall as a space for recreational, social, cultural, and historic events; to help make it financially viable; and to bring the building and grounds to an attractive condition.

Over these past five years the TDRPD has significantly increased recreational use of the building as well as rental use for events and workshops. We have done an enormous amount of research and submitted an application for the site to be on the National Historic Registry. On Saturday, July 28, a group of volunteers conducted a massive outdoor vegetation trim and cleanup on the grounds of the building. This is the latest example of the wonderful support we have gotten from the community and partnership with TDRPD, and we look forward to the continued invigoration and enhancement of this historic landmark.


  • Moonshine Ink Staff
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