In response to NEWS BRIEFS | October 14 – November 10, 2016

Short-Term Rental Compliance, Great Return on Investment

It was no surprise that Host Compliance discovered that 42 percent of the short-term rentals in Truckee are not collecting TOT taxes. The amount not being collected is about $2 million per year. That is a lot of money, and if you think about the fact that over the last four years VRBO, Airbnb, etc. have been very active, the total could be more than $8 million. That pays for a lot of services. Also, there probably are a lot of non-compliance issues such as health and safety. Too many occupants, too many cars, and too much noise. Eventually, we will have to deal with it like Mammoth has. All units must be registered and comply with the rental ordinance. Surely the town can afford a full-time staff member to address the issue. If he or she collected $2 million per year, that would be an excellent return on the cost of a salary. They could also handle compliance.

~ Bob Yoder, Truckee, via online

In response to The Multiplying Makers Market

Experience the Lake Tahoe School Makerspace

Great article, Laura! Thank you, Moonshine! The Lake Tahoe School MakerSpace is now in its third year of existence, and prospective parents who have an interest in our school’s overarching project-based, learning-by-doing models have two opportunities to learn more at our school’s fall open house events: Nov. 12 in Incline Village, and Dec. 6 at an informational session in South Reno. RSVP and learn more at

Our MakerSpace sprang originally from the creative genius of Tech Director Russ Bradford, but has been propelled forward by a collective desire at Lake Tahoe School — within our parent and student population as well as within the ranks of our forward-thinking teaching faculty and administration — to tap into the incredible potential of project-based learning. You see this type of learning happening in practically every classroom at Lake Tahoe School, but it manifests itself most intensely — and for obvious reasons — in our MakerSpace.

Our mission statement at Lake Tahoe School speaks to the overriding importance of making teaching and learning more relevant to the world we inhabit — to equipping our students with the refined interpersonal and critical thinking 21st-century skill sets they will need to assume leadership roles in high school, college, and the work world beyond. Sooner or later, students today will be competing in a global economy that places a premium on their ability to engage in creative, collaborative endeavors that demand robust communication and critical thinking skills as well as an ability to think outside of the box. All of our students at Lake Tahoe School — Pre-K through 8th grade — are constantly learning by doing, in our MakerSpace and beyond. As a result, the engagement level of our students is higher than I have seen in any school environment where I have worked.

~ Peyton Jobe, Incline Village, via online

In response to HOUSING CRISIS | The Missing Middle

Crisis Overstated?

I’m not an expert on housing affordability, but checked a few online housing affordability calculators to check how much one could afford with the Placer County moderate-income figure of $91,300 noted in the article. Using the Zillow, CNN Money, and NerdWallet affordability calculators, assuming the Placer County moderate-income figure, and a zero down payment, the calculators produce figures ranging from $452,000 to $482,000. Adding a reasonable down payment pushes the figure much higher. While this won’t buy the fanciest house in town, one can easily buy a very nice 3-bedroom, 2-bath house and live in paradise. Perhaps the crisis is overstated?

~ Truckee Dood, Truckee