Would you rather give up summer or never ski another powder day? I hear this one all the time: ‘Came to Tahoe for the winters, but stayed for the summers.’ Here in Truckee/Tahoe, we are blessed with two seasons, both equally great for different reasons. But what if you had to choose? For this month’s Do Tell I put Tahoe City residents to the test: Would you rather give up summer or never ski another powder day in your life? You have to choose one or the other. Which one is it going to be? Thank goodness this is just for fun. 


Tory Rodman
Dollar Hill, Front desk at Asante
I would never ski another powder day. I’m much more about jumping in the lake in the summer than putting skis on. I like getting tan and wearing flip flops. 



Chad Haney
Tahoe City, Haney Property Management, LLC
Give up powder? Are you crazy?


Syd Early
North Shore, Owner of Tootsies
I would choose [to keep] the summer. I like the trails and the warmth and the lake. I love the lake in the summer.


Alan Podawiltz
Squaw Valley, Contractor
I would give up skiing powder because I love waterskiing. I couldn’t waterski if everything was frozen. And I like to see bikinis.


Giselle Morgan
North Shore, Works at Tootsies, Student at Forest Charter School
[I would choose to keep] the summer. I think winter [negatively] affects people more.


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