Editor’s Note: Moonshine Ink only prints anonymous letters under very select circumstances. We chose to publish this letter, understanding the author’s wish to remain anonymous given his/her purported location of employment.

I am writing to express my continuing sadness, anger, and outrage over the numerous articles and editorials concerning the Tahoe Forest Hospital Board that have appeared in Moonshine Ink. I am saddened that 65 percent of the money that generous, civic-minded people donate to help those in their community who may be struggling to afford medical care is instead funding large salaries and swanky fundraising events. I am angry that the management at the hospital has colluded with this board and its unjust agenda by encouraging employees to take unpaid time off in order to save the jobs of their co-workers, then awarding the management team big bonuses for keeping their payroll numbers down. And lastly, I am outraged by the lack of response from the Tahoe Forest Hospital board. I believe they are hoping that by limiting their answers to a few pithy quotes in a couple of articles, this whole thing will blow over and they can return to business as usual.


Come on people! As a community, we need to demand answers, explanations, and a plan for reform. The Tahoe Forest Hospital Board must answer for the mismanagement of the entire Measure C fund. The board meets on the fourth Tuesday of each month. The minutes from the July board meeting (most recent I could find online) include some references to the current dialogue regarding funds, but the overall tone is to placate until this goes away. We don’t want to hear all of their outrageous salaries, expenditures, and tax increases are “technically” legal. We need, and deserve, real item-by-item answers to all of the accusations that have been brought against the current hospital regime.

The incendiary comments included in this letter are intentional in the hopes of eliciting some response from the powers that be. I am writing this letter anonymously as a Tahoe Forest Hospital employee who fears retribution, but also a concerned member of this great community who needs some answers. I voted for Measure C, I believe that this hospital is a shining star in this town, but nobody deserves carte blanc with community funds.


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