In response to What the New Tax Overhaul Means for Truckee/Tahoe

Define Front Runner

I want to respond to your comment that Jessica Morse is the front runner in California’s 4th Congressional District race. The writer failed to cite what metrics were used to determine this, as many members of our district feel otherwise. Regina Bateson and Jessica Morse are competing neck and neck to win this primary and many consider Bateson to be the leading candidate. Depending on what metrics you used, you may want to consider the following:

As of Sept. 30, Morse was ahead in overall fundraising at $269,000 and Bateson around $200,000. Although Morse raised more in the fiscal third quarter, many consider the fundraising totals as competitive. The Q4 totals, to be released later this month, will give a more accurate status.


Bateson has 500 volunteers throughout the district, whereas Morse, herself, has said she has approximately 100.

Bateson is considered by many to be ahead in the populated areas of Roseville and Lincoln — the suburban vote that won in Virginia and Alabama. Morse appears to do well in the rural areas and Calaveras County. In Tahoe/Truckee, it seems to be almost a dead heat.

Morse has more social media followers, Bateson has higher levels of engagement.

This is a close race and should be covered as such. Making the assumption that one is the front runner is just inaccurate.

I encourage the writer to investigate the status of the race and in the future, give details on how conclusions are reached.

~ Stephanie McIntosh, Truckee, via letter

Editors note: The metric used for the story was fundraising totals as of Sept. 30, 2017.

In response to My Life is Your Vacation… Rental

Addressing Short Term Rentals

I would like to sincerely compliment associate editor Sage Sauerbrey and Moonshine Ink for the most recent of two articles on short term rentals.

It was interesting to learn how other recreational mountain communities have attempted to address this issue. One aspect of the issue are impacts to those who may want to live in these communities. The other piece deals with impacts to those who already live there. Your article dealt mainly with associated housing problems and indeed short term rentals (STRs) can lead to transient-oriented communities versus a know-your-neighbor community.

Your articles certainly have made Tahoe/Truckee residents aware of some possibilities of the future of STRs. It will be very interesting to see how and if our region approaches this issue.

Hopefully, Moonshine Ink will keep abreast of this matter and continue to inform the local residents on any proposed changes to short term renting.

~ Ron Modafferi, Tahoe Donner, via letter

If we hadn’t bought our modest home 26 years ago, we would be in the same boat of having to move out of the area.

~ Mimi Shoop, via Facebook

A “large and looming problem?” I have short term rentals on either side of my place. Haven’t had a problem with them yet. I love that most of the time no one is living there. #solitude

~ Tim Heying, via Facebook

In response to Gunshots on the Truckee; Leapfrogging on Brockway Road

Hunting concerns me as an angler solely due to personal safety (I had a close encounter in Plumas County, very scary). With that said, I wonder if acoustic shadowing or some form of sound displacement is making the shots sound closer. I hear the shots from Boca frequently from far distances.

~ Kara Zambricki, via Facebook