Nevada residents should vote yes on Question 3 because it will lower the cost of energy for all Nevada businesses and create jobs. It’s as simple as that.

What is Questions 3? It’s a statewide ballot initiative aimed at opening up the electricity market to providers other than NV Energy — the sole provider in most parts of the state, including Incline Village, Glenbrook and Zephyr Cove.


With an open market, both business owners and residential consumers will be able to choose their provider of electricity and choose the type of electricity they want to purchase, and could power their homes or businesses entirely with renewable energy, thus taking advantage of Nevada’s abundance of sunshine and other clean energy sources.

Fourteen other states have opened their markets, and the results have been impressive. Not only have rates gone down, but these states have become more and more attractive to large businesses looking to relocate. Imagine, a ski resort run entirely off solar, geothermal, micro hydro, or using a combination of all three with on-site battery storage to be totally independent. It could happen, if this initiative passes.  

Opening electricity markets has also created thousands of jobs, and in Nevada, we lag behind in energy jobs. On a per-capita basis, Nevada has fewer energy jobs than all other Western states. It’s a shame, given the abundance of natural resources at our fingertips.

In a nutshell, Question 3 will provide Nevadans with expanded electricity choices, lower prices, thousands of new green technology jobs, and technology innovation. If you like the sound of that, vote yes on Question 3.

~ Marissa Schwartz on behalf of Nevadans for Affordable Clean Energy Choices