Melissa Siig has hit another home run with her piece on Ollie Henrikson. Most of us who live and work and raised our children in this community have wondered about The Poplar Trees Mall. How did it happen? Who was this person, and more importantly, what was he thinking?

Melissa, you answered our questions and gave us so much more. Your choice of people who were interviewed and their comments were spot on — full of humor and to the point.


We all know that this property is essential to the future of our town. It will be the centerpiece of whatever the vision is for downtown Tahoe City. The TCPUD has gotten us off to a great start with the recent acquisition of the golf course. We would hope that Ollie’s heirs can come to an agreement consistent with the long-term goals of the community that he obviously loved. Perhaps a statue and a plaque when the time is right. Maybe save his residence at Bristlecone as a historic building, because it ties right into public access to the lake. We know there is more history to be told.

Moonshine Ink, keep up the good work.


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