BY ERIC SUTTON  |  Prosser Lakeview resident

If you live in Prosser Heights, Prosser Lakeview Estates, Prosser Dam Road, or work at Pioneer Commerce Center or have children at Alder Creek Middle School, you should be aware that your town-provided snow removal service is about to undergo a big change. In August, town staff brought forward a proposal to cease contracting to private snow removal contractors and to provide this service with town resources. Truckee would have to purchase a new loader and add two new “readiness” employees. The town would provide plow/sand trucks, a grader, and blowers from the existing fleet. This would eliminate the past practice of having two loaders working in this area. Town staff brought forward an analysis that showed a cost savings to the town. At the meeting, I and other members of the snow removal industry and a majority of council members disagreed with their analysis. On a 3-2 vote, the town declined the proposal and instructed staff to put it out to bid to the private sector. I assumed the direction to staff would mean that the equipment requirements would remain as they have been in the past. This area has been under private contract for 18 years. Staff put it out to bid and changed the equipment requirements that had previously been the standard practice from two loaders to one. What this means is less equipment and a reduced level of service. If you disagree with this policy change, voice your opinion to the town council and to staff.


  • Moonshine Ink Staff
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