By WOLF SCHAEFER  |  Tahoe City

This is in response to Red Meat….Worse For Our Health Than We Thought in the February edition. I am from Argentina, also known as “vegan’s hell.” If red meat is so bad for you, then most Argentineans should be dead. But their life expectancy is only a couple of years behind the U.S., mostly due to inferior health care. I do not know why the FDA allows the meat industry of this country to add hormones, antibiotics, etc. to meat. To that extent, all European countries have banned meat imports from the U.S.

A reasonable solution would be to only consume certified range-fed beef and boycott all those enormous feedlots where most healthy range-fed cattle are pent up for months at a time and during that time totally messed with. Of course, all processed meat is always a good idea to stay away from. Who knows what is in hot dogs? A good, lean, range-fed, juicy steak with red wine, of course in moderation, is not all that bad.



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