By GREG JELLINEK, MD  |  Truckee

Generally being of the opinion that elected officials should stay out of contemporaneous election races, the fact that several other fellow members of the Tahoe Forest Hospital District’s board of directors have publicly endorsed an unelected, and inexperienced, candidate for our Hospital District’s board, I feel compelled to opine to the contrary.

Unlike the neophyte candidate supported by some other members of this board, and many of the “politically elite” in our community, John Mohun brings tremendous experience to his re-election candidacy. John Mohun started out his career as a professional paramedic working in the Bay Area and then also in Truckee. While saving lives in ambulances, John Mohun went on to earn a degree as a registered nurse. He then served our communities at both the Tahoe Forest Hospital and Incline Village Community Hospital as an ICU nurse. While working days as an RN, John Mohun found the time and strength to attend law school at night, graduating with a juris doctor degree, and he was then admitted to the California Bar. For the last six years, while practicing law in Truckee, John Mohun has given freely of his time as a member of your hospital district’s board of directors. No other candidate brings these kinds of hands-on experience and credentials to this election cycle!


Over the ensuing 24 months, I have seen John Mohun consistently fight for the rights and welfare of the taxpaying citizens of the district. Both John Mohun and I are concerned that the hospital is growing away from the everyday citizen taxpayers of the district. I repeatedly hear from my constituents that “the hospital is too expensive, so I am taking my care (and business) to Reno!” Whether this concern is fact or perception is still undecided, but an increasingly vocal segment of the community appears to be of that opinion. This is a concern that needs to be addressed and remedied!

Unlike the other candidate who has collected huge donations from the politically elite, John Mohun has not solicited, nor has he or collected a single dime from the taxpayers toward his candidacy for re-election. In my opinion, people who contribute three or four thousand dollars to a candidate generally expect something in return. No? To the contrary, John Mohun does not owe anybody a special consideration, and he wants to make the hospital affordable to all of us who live here and already pay taxes to support this wonderful institution.

Re-elect John Mohun. He will work for you, not for the system.