BY JERI MULLINS  |  Friends of Squaw Valley, Olympic Valley

Hello, my name is Jeri Mullins and I have lived in the Tahoe area for 47 years.

I rarely miss a day to marvel at the surroundings our area has to offer. We have all at one time or another rode the chairlifts on Shirley on a sunny day, walked along the bike path in Squaw and, around the next turn, seen the majestic mountain that Squaw has to offer. Squaw Valley is the place to be in the winter months; not many other ski areas can offer the fantastic skiing or the views of this legendary and majestic mountain.


I can hardly imagine a family living in Los Angeles or San Francisco sitting around the dining room table discussing their summer vacation, saying, “What do we want to do on our vacation in Tahoe this summer? Should we hike to Shirley Canyon, should we go to Emerald Bay, the second most photographed place in the world? We could hike up to Five Lakes where the water is clear and pristine. We always enjoy a wonderful lunch on the patio at Sunnyside where the views are spectacular, or should we go to Squaw Valley and spend our vacation at the newly built water park?”

Summertime in Lake Tahoe is all about Big Blue and what the outdoors has to offer. People come here to spend their time enjoying this great vacation area. Please don’t let this project go forward in the presently proposed scale — we would all lose such a beautiful mountain, our Olympic Mountain.


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