By JACK KASHTAN, MD  |  Truckee

There are two competing visions for the purpose of the Tahoe Hospital District. One is for the hospital to provide basic and emergency care to the community at a reasonable cost. The other is for it to provide a more comprehensive range of services and specialties, comparable to the services available in much larger communities. These services often require subsidies in the form of high fees for patients and high assessments for the taxpayers. My belief is that as a taxpayer-supported institution the hospital’s mission should be the first of these.

Currently, the second vision is supported by the administration, three of the five current board members, and the large number of managerial employees whose jobs depend on that vision. That vision is also supported by current candidates Randy Hill and Alyce Wong, who are in turn supported by the administration, employees, and the majority of the members of the board. John Mohun is one of two incumbents who support the first vision and the only candidate running who does so.

A vote for John Mohun and only him is a vote to return the hospital to its intended purpose of providing affordable essential care, a vote for lower taxes by avoiding the need for continued bond issues, and a vote to put the needs of the community ahead of the wishes of the hospital’s medical and managerial staff.