By LYNNE R. LARSON  |  Truckee

I am concerned that there are just a handful of people willing to serve our community on local boards. I am particularly concerned about the future of Tahoe Forest Hospital.

There seems to be a mentality that if they provide a service, patients will come. In fact, people are leaving the area for care because of the high costs. Who is going to speak for the community that owns Tahoe Forest Hospital?


I am going to vote for John Mohun, the incumbent. John has stood up for the community and so many times has been a lone voice for what is right. John is one of the very few who has had the courage to speak out against the shenanigans of the administration and is clearly concerned about the high costs of care and the effect on our community.

Candidate Randy Hill appears to have been bought and paid for by those who gain financially from the hospital or are fearful of losing something. He has collected over $37,000 from folks I consider to have a financial interest in Tahoe Forest Hospital.

According to Mr. Hill’s Form 460 (campaign financial disclosure) the donors include: Dr. Heifetz, $1,000, and Dr. Palmer (spouse of Dr. Heifetz), $1,000 — both are cancer center doctors. Dr. Greg Tirdell, $2,000. Richard Green, $6,000 (Nev.). Elder Enterprises, $2,500. Tom Van Berkem, $5,000. Ernie Grossman, $5,000. Pamela Hurt Associates (aka Pam Hobday), $5,000, and Valerie Forte, $1,000.

This is the short list. I am concerned about this candidate. I fear he will only serve those donors who have a financial interest in Tahoe Forest Hospital.

I believe that John Mohun is the only candidate who clearly cares about the community and will stand up for us.