Marina Marenco commutes from Truckee to Tahoe City regularly on her bicycle, but lately she finds herself weaving to avoid potentially dangerous potholes and large, tire-swallowing road cracks.

Some cyclists, she says, have abandoned the route on Highway 89 between Truckee and Squaw Valley entirely because of the road conditions.

Now, Marenco and other cyclists are asking Caltrans to do roadwork that also includes improving the bike lane — a portion of paving that she says has been neglected during past Highway 89 repavings.


‘Over the past 10 years nothing has been done at all [for cyclists],’ said Marenco.

Marenco once blew a tire riding in the bike lane when she hit a pothole disguised by afternoon shadows. And the bike lane quality has only deteriorated from there, she said, potentially putting local cyclists and tourists who regularly ride that section of the road at risk.

‘If your tire were to get caught in the seam between the travel lane and the bike lane, you would go down,’ said Marenco.

Marenco has asked fellow cyclists to email Caltrans about the issue. She says that so far 50 to 60 people have sent Caltrans a request that they work on the bike lane. Info:

~ David Bunker

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