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Residents are worried about Canyon Springs, and we should be. Canyon Springs is  development that has no end. The result: more traffic, more loss of open space, and more loss of wildlife habitat. While the developer believes the town will benefit from more money, do we really need another ghost development with hundreds of vacant lots, homes, and condos already approved by the town?  

Over 7,000 cars travel every day in and out of Glenshire already! More cars are an accident waiting to happen. With only two exits, Glenshire and all of its surrounding neighborhoods with over 2,200 residences, including Olympic Heights, are at great risk if an evacuation is necessary. Remember the tragic Oakland Hills fire? Without shoulders and sidewalks, streets are already unsafe for kids to bike, walk, and play, especially in the winter.  


If developed, Canyon Springs opens the door to future development of adjacent, private properties that continue for thousands of acres to the east — certainly not infill, only sprawl.    

The Verdi mule deer population is already threatened without Canyon Springs in the way.  

Lastly, it’s not right that an out-of-state developer begins construction before his project is approved through the town’s legally mandated development process. As we have seen in our community before, here’s another developer putting profits before people. How many homeowners were sold on Glenshire having access to open space for recreation? Why should we sacrifice our quality of life and safety for an unnecessary development? Do we just sit back and watch our neighborhood change forever? When does it end?


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