The Contractors Association of Truckee-Tahoe Political Action Committee (CATTPAC) announced its endorsement of several candidates in four races.

After the lengthy interview and review process the CATTPAC has decided to endorse both Randy Hill and Alyce Wong for the Tahoe Forest Hospital Board. Randy demonstrated a great track record of responsible governance by his tenure on the Tahoe Truckee Unified School District board. Randy has been a longtime champion of the hospital district. Alyce’s undeniable clinical knowledge and experience within the hospital is felt to be a critical component for the board. Her 30-plus years of service to the Tahoe Forest Hospital District and respect from peers instills confidence.

The CATTPAC endorses current board president Lisa Wallace and candidate Rick Stephens for two of the three open seats on the board of directors for the Truckee Tahoe Airport District. Both Lisa and Rick will develop and maintain a balance between technological advancements that will promote and sustain our airport as a strong revenue source to our economy, while staying committed to responsible growth that is also in the best interest to our community.


The CATTPAC endorses Gerald Herrick for the Truckee Fire Protection District board of directors for one of the two open seats. With Gerald’s 40 years in public education, his continued service on other boards and his tenure as a Fire District board member for four years, he is the best choice for this position. Gerald is skilled in working with people and agencies, and is experienced in setting policy. CATTPAC is enthusiastic about supporting Gerald Herrick with his campaign.

With careful thought and consideration, CATTPAC endorses Jim Hemig, Bob Ellis, and Jeff Bender for the Truckee Donner Public Utility District board of directors for the three open seats. These candidates express a desire to keep rates low with a continued search for affordable clean energy and an investment in resource-saving technology. They have expressed an interest in reaching out to all community members, both local and non-local, and to work together as a board to keep open lines of communication with all.

CATTPAC supports Measure A, a sales tax measure to maintain and improve Nevada County libraries. Measure A will collect 1/4 of every penny of sales tax accumulated. All funds remain under local control and will be used exclusively for Nevada County libraries. Voters have approved a similar tax two times in the past; CATTPAC supports public libraries.

CATTPAC has elected not to support the passage of Measure M, citing the following concerns:
• Continued increases in sales tax cannot be relied upon for a fundamental public service such as road maintenance — failures in the budgeting process and management of existing funds should be more closely examined for improved outcomes, including local choice for prevailing wage requirements, already approved by the courts in some jurisdictions, but rejected by the State Legislature. It is incumbent upon the State Legislature to either support the prevailing wage exemption so that existing funding can be more responsibly managed, or to provide more funding to meet current needs under high cost prevailing wage rules.
• North Tahoe sales tax will move close to 1 percent above Reno’s and make competition from Reno more challenging for local businesses.
• The construction industry pays the large majority of sales tax in our area — it is fundamentally unfair to ask construction industry businesses to pay a disproportionate amount for improvements that benefit all.
• The 30-year sunset in Measure M is too long, taking away options for managers and lawmakers to make adjustments in the coming years in response to changing maintenance or revenue requirements.

~ CATTPAC is a registered Political Action Committee (FPPC 1247901) sponsored by the Contractors Association of Truckee Tahoe, which currently has 364 member companies. Info: