By TOM VAN BERKEM | Northstar

I write to urge you to vote for Lisa Wallace and Andrew Terry for Airport Board. For the last eight years I have been a member of the airport board of directors. Representing the broad and divergent needs of the Placer and Nevada county areas in our district requires a committed and fair-minded group of individuals.

I have seen our board work to reduce noise and annoyance. And safety has been paramount. We have made progress, but given the rapidly increasing number of flights at our airport, we have a serious and never-ending task.


I have also seen our board giving back to the community: supporting open space acquisition, helping acquire community assets like the Tahoe City golf course and its soon-to-be-built emergency services heliport, and assisting in the funding of recreational facilities like the new swim center now open to all district residents.

All these efforts will require continued effective leadership. Lisa Wallace, our current board president, and Andrew Terry fill this requirement. I also support community-minded candidate Rick Stephens. Please read their candidate statements. They are informed, understand the issues, and are committed. Please cast your vote for these three candidates.

~ Tom Van Berkem is a b oard member of the Truckee Tahoe Airport District.