Funny how this time of year provides ample opportunity to reflect on the past and bring clarity and vision for the future. Our values are wrapped up in this season like no other. We plan our gatherings with family and friends to celebrate the end of the year, manifest our spiritual centering, and commune around the collective bounty. Generosity is at the heart of this season, resulting in time spent and gifts given. We each make choices on how that generosity flows within our family, social, and professional circles and into the community.  

At Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, we recognize and celebrate the inspiration of generosity. From protecting our beautiful environment to inspiring creativity to serving our human needs to educating our youth. To that end, nonprofits play a vital role in the things that our business and public sectors just can’t do! TTCF works hard to help strengthen those organizations by engaging donors, building stronger boards, optimizing their operations, and helping deliver a bigger impact.  


We recognize that giving and generosity is a personal choice that often aligns with your passion. Some folks want to save the animals, others want to save the humans, others want to inspire cultural experiences and artistic expression, and all of us want to save this amazing place we’ve come to love! These personal choices are aligned with your past experience. They are informed by what you have lived through and resonate with at your core.  

We love where we live, and we pride ourselves as the stewards of this place. And yet, we can be challenged to serve this place in the same way that our urban sister cities can. We have less people who have to do more. We have less resources that have to be spread among ourselves. As a population of 30,000 that balloons to more than 100,000 on any given snowy weekend, we need the help of everyone who loves this place. If each of us took the time to think about what this place means to us and just gave a little bit back, we could help fuel the organizations that bolster our community all year long.

This year, we celebrate the second annual Give Back Tahoe end-of-year giving campaign. Our vision for this program is to raise up all the wonderful nonprofits who are helping our community to thrive. By promoting end-of-year giving and showcasing the different nonprofits, we hope that locals, second homeowners, and visitors alike will be inspired to give back. Together, we can help our nonprofits start the new year strong by working to secure the funding they need to do their best work in the year to come. Besides, we know we can do much more together than individually.

We are excited to have a few new twists to the 2015-2016 Guide for Giving. This year, TTCF has rounded up $40,000 in challenge grants that we will promote throughout the season to inspire donors to give. On every Tuesday and Friday, additional dollars will be distributed to the nonprofits who meet a variety of challenges!  In addition to raising dollars, this year we are promoting volunteer activities that the organizations post. This gives donors the opportunity to get closer to the missions they love.

This is all about making it simple for the nonprofits. By working together through this program, we can help bring attention and resources to their efforts. Collective giving equals bigger impact. Visit to learn more and to give back. Your generosity is appreciated.

~ Stacy Caldwell is CEO of the Tahoe Truckee Community Foundation, which connects people and opportunities, generating more resources to build a more caring, effective, and creative community in Truckee and North Tahoe.


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