This month I met a sassy little lady named Bella. We picked Bella up at the shelter and stopped at my house before we went for a hike. While Bella was at my house we got two new phone books delivered. This makes at least five phone books that have been delivered to my house this month and I know because we barked every time. Are the phone books being updated weekly now?

    We took Bella down to meadow to run and play. My sister Olive was very excited to meet a new friend. She showed her excitement by running around in a spastic fashion. Her energy was bordering on annoying when Bella growled at her. My heart just about melted. Anyone that growls at Olive is ok with me. Bella is great with other dogs and kids she just gets a little annoyed by young energetic dogs (darn teenagers) and puppies. I feel the same way.

    Bella is a small dog and with some good exercise might get even smaller. She weighs about 40 pounds and would make a great trail dog. Bella seems like she could cover some long distances without a problem or at least enjoy a good walk every day. Bella’s coat is very soft. I ran my paws through it and I must get the name of the conditioner she uses.


    Bella did great in the car and jumped right in when we picked her up. She walks well on a leash and doesn’t take off if you let her run around. She stayed with our group for the entire hike. She’s happy to run, play and wade in the creek.

    Bella knows her name and for the most part comes when she is called. She also knows sit and probably a few other commands. She is 5 years young and strikes me as a smart girl. Bella is very camera shy. We had a hard time taking her picture. She would head the other way as soon as the camera came out. Maybe she just likes her privacy. Bella is ready to be your all purpose mountain dog. If you are interested in a good looking, smart dog call 587-5948 or visit
In other news at the shelter I snuck into the cat room to do some investigative journalism and checked out the CD player. There was a lot of talk in the cat world about the cats listening to Barry Manilow as reported first in this column. When I stopped by a CD called ‘relax with cats’ was in the player. It’s perfect music for community cat yoga which happens daily over there. I did see a copy of ‘Ultimate Manilow’ not far from the radio. I also saw two new cat rooms under construction. I think they are turning one of them into a cat yoga studio.

    In dog news last month’s featured friend Bacon is still looking for a home. I met Bacon’s pup’s Pork and Beans this weekend and my people think they are adorable. They look like Pit Bull and Border Collie mixes. My old friend Toby from the June issue has found a great home. Way to go Toby! I also want to say ‘Hi’ to loyal reader Sophie and her friend Nancy. Thanks for reading ladies.

    In sad news my old friend Deco passed this month. Deco and I have been friends for as long as I can remember. Deco fell out of a truck on I-80 when he was just a pup and broke his pelvis. Dr. Ryan at Sierra Pet Clinic put Deco back together about 10 years ago. He was later adopted by one of my good friends and despite his injuries recovered and lived a long happy life. Deco was mentioned in this column before because he bore a striking resemblance to Robert De Niro. Deco was also the only dog I knew that spoke English. I’ve seen people have full conversations with him. He just uses lots of r’s when he talks. Deco was just breaking in a new pup at his house when he passed on. Hopefully she picked up some of his old tricks. I’ll miss you Deco.

Incline Canine
Pet Network now has a specialty store to serve the needs of local hikers and pet owners. The newly completed Incline Canine Dog Hiking Specialty Store carries hiking gear from premier companies such as Ruffwear, Zukes, Chuck-it, and Planet Dog to complement the existing inventory of crates, collars, leashes, bowls, beds, treats, and toys. Fear not, cat lovers: they also carry a number of cat-related goods, and ‘Incline Feline’ is on its way. Every dime spent in the store supports the rehabilitation and adoption of homeless and neglected animals. Open from 7:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. seven days a week. The store is in the Pet Network shelter at 401 Village Boulevard, Incline Village., 775-833-0273.


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