In this edition, we announce the winners of our first annual essay contest, Why Is It So Flippin’ Hard to Live in Tahoe-Truckee. Kira Yannetta, a talented Moonshine writer and editor, took it one more step and flipped the question on its head. This month, in her Java Jabber column, she asks people, ‘What are you most grateful for about living in Truckee-Tahoe?’. It’s a timely piece, given the essay contest and Thanksgiving time.

But further, I want to take a moment and point out that Kira did something that I LOVE seeing – taking a thought or conversation and moving it forward to new realms.

Which leads me to something else – Moonshine Ink has developed quite an array of columnists that do a good job covering the bases for any questions you might have concerning our area.  


They enjoy hearing from the community with story leads. Otherwise, the writers sometimes get stuck in a rut; for example, Bioregion Boy has gotten stuck recently on depressing subjects, like endangered frogs suffocating to death or invasive species killing off endangered frogs suffocating to death.
So, save us from the depressing and write in your questions. Borrowing a phrase from one of my favorite advice columnists, Umbra Fisk: ‘Your job is to ask and wonder why. Our job is to answer or try.’
Below is a list of columnists.
~ Mayumi

• Bioregion Boy explores the wilds around us:
• Picassos Among Us looks at art:
• Java Jabber does community and coffee:
• Practical Wellness looks at health and wellness:
• Flip’s Friends talks to local animals:
• Bookit! does reviews on books of all kinds:
• Waste Buster looks at ways to reduce waste in the community:

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