By AMY HORNE | Truckee 

Since 1998, I have lived under the flight path of the Truckee Tahoe Airport. This has given me an appreciation for how the airport contributes to public safety of the North Tahoe region, especially providing fire-fighting resources and emergency care flights. I also appreciate that the growth in air traffic can have negative effects on our community. I believe it is important to balance the need for a successful airport with maintaining our quality of life both today and in the future.

I believe we can all agree that we need to strike a wise balance.


That’s why I am supporting Lisa Wallace and Andrew Terry for the Airport Board. They are the best choice for keeping our airport responsive to all the communities in our region. They see the airport as an asset, yet they know how important it is that the airport not dominate our living experience. With Lisa and Andrew’s combined 12 years of experience in dealing with airport issues, they have demonstrated their commitment, tenacity, and skill in the difficult task of finding solutions that strike an appropriate balance.  

They have both been so good at what they have been doing at the airport, I just can’t imagine anyone else working as well for us all.

Please vote for Andrew Terry and Lisa Wallace on November 8.

~ Amy Horne has been a Truckee resident for 18 years.