Airbnb at Root of Housing Problem

I wanted to put in my two cents regarding North Tahoe/Truckee’s housing crisis from my perspective and experience. I have lived locally for 20 years and am property manager of a little tiny cabin in Kings Beach for some friends on Airbnb. What I have witnessed happen is the number of homes as Airbnb rentals has skyrocketed! And that says nothing about VRBO! Just the difference between last summer and this summer is astounding. It seems like if things keep going like this, the housing crisis will just get worse and worse. I know that cities like San Francisco have put laws and rules into place to reduce the frequency with which people can rent their places on Airbnb. It makes me sad that a family like mine CAN NOT find a home to rent in Kings Beach, Tahoe Vista, or nearby. I have been looking for a year. And then I go on Airbnb and see many beautiful two-, three- and four-bedroom homes being used as vacation properties for people who reside elsewhere. Is everyone factoring this in to the housing crisis we are experiencing, and is anyone taking steps to fix the situation? I would feel badly for my friends who are doing the Airbnb thing, but when the working people of Tahoe can’t find a reasonable place to live, that seems like a bigger problem!

So that’s what’s going on … to the common folk just wanting to live!

~ Dana Ash, Kings Beach resident at heart


Ways to Affordable Housing

I believe it is critical to lift regulations regarding mixed-use in town centers and allow rental units in private homes. Many homes already have garage and in-law units, but encouraging more would be helpful.

Give developers great incentives to provide affordable units as part of EVERY development. Also, provide incentives to repurpose run-down properties for affordable housing, not $$$$$ condos.

Santa Cruz has had success allowing multiple dwellings on single-family property, thus increasing affordable housing availability.

~ Lolly Kupec, Homewood