Photo by Kira Yannetta, a writer, editor, photographer and Renaissance woman hoping to inspire people to live their lives coming from a place of love, to follow their dreams and to reach out to others to make a difference in this lifetime. She is proud to contribute her efforts to Moonshine Ink and to live in such a conscious and caring community. She is blessed with an incredibly supportive husband, Michael and two amazing little boys, Luca and Nico.

Creating a Gooder World
A poem of gratitude to For Goodness Sake
By Kira Yannetta

like a pebble tossed into a pond,
creates concentric rings of love,
ripples of hope.
ascend beyond the shoreline of a clear, deep lake and
alter to atmosphere and radiance.
A mindful breath in Truckee
flows into Universal embrace,
draws us closer,
lifts us to our higher Self,
to each other.
Breath links us like ripples of goodness.
Benevolence dances in consideration.



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