As a millennial living in Lake Tahoe, there are a lot of concerns I have for our future. We are already coping with the hardships of the housing crisis and the job market. Healthcare is also vital to our lives and should not be of any concern. So I’m writing today to ask you to vote for Randy Hill as director of Tahoe Forest Hospital District.

Most of us are young and healthy. Therefore we may not have needed the services of Tahoe Forest Hospital — YET. Yet being the keyword. I think I can pretty well assure you that one day you and I both will need the services that Tahoe Forest Hospital provides. When we begin to have families. When we need more medical care. If cancer comes into our lives. We can all take comfort in knowing that when our time comes — we will have the best care right here at home.


Randy is dedicated to ensuring we never lose the care we have available to us now, and planning for even better care in the future. A vote for Randy is an investment in our future and that of our family. Randy is committed to the best health and economic well-being for the long term. The incumbent, John Mohun, is committed to returning our hospital to little more than a clinic. This is not what our community desires or deserves.

There is no road map. Much of this will be new, even exciting, fertile ground, but Randy is devoted to Tahoe Forest Hospital’s vision: “To serve our region by striving to be the best mountain health system in the nation.”

Our hospital must continue to thrive for our future. A healthy community is a prosperous community. Vote for Randy Hill. This is for our future.