Just in time for those late-season ski slope injuries, and early-season mountain biking spills, North Tahoe Physical Therapy in Incline Village is running a $35 Tune-Up special aimed at getting you back on the trail. Perfect for minor aches, strains, kinks, and pains, the 15-minute treatment can put you on the proper path to healing, without that long, expensive doctor’s office visit.
Acute pain can lead to chronic pain, according to Jane O’Brien, physical therapist and founder of the Incline Village clinic. ‘The longer pain persists, the more your brain becomes sensitive to it,’ she says. ‘Don’t just put up with pain. A headache will propagate more headaches. Back pain leads to more back pain. One should not just deal with it and expect that it will go away with time.’

In addition to physical therapy, which addresses the musculoskeletal system, O’Brien recommends a range of pain-relieving techniques, including aerobic exercise — which can increase parasympathetic response (endorphin release) — slowing your breathing, and simply changing your mindset. Positive thoughts, laughter, and socializing all have pain-minimizing effects, she says.

Info: North Tahoe Physical Therapy, 889 Alder Avenue, Suite 105, Incline Village, (775) 831-6600, northtahoept.com



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