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In an effort to deal with the long-term rental crisis in the Tahoe-Truckee region, Real Rentals provides practical information to individual renters and to the community at-large on topics involving rentals, such as: helping renters develop the skills to find a place to live, keep that place once they move in, deal with the legal issues related to tenancy, etc. In addition, for the community at large, the column will also focus on publicizing innovative solutions to the long term housing market in the region. Each edition will include a bit of policy information or current rental “news” as well as a response/practical solution to it.

Finding And Keeping A Long-Term Rental


Folks need a place to live, and employers need employees who live close to their jobs. Being a prospective tenant is like being a job applicant. Almost every long-term rental will have a slew of folks looking at it. So how do you beat the competition?

Why Is Rent So High?


Converting some vacation rental properties to long-term rentals will certainly help, but there is clearly also a need for newly constructed smaller apartments as well as in-law units, tiny homes, and cohousing properties geared toward folks who want to rent long-term without a bunch of roommates.

The Security Deposit: How to Make Sure You Get Yours Back

As rent continues to increase, so does the amount of the security deposit. Columnist Tim Hauserman offers advice to would-be renters to help ensure they get back the bulk of their security deposits.

Short-Term Renters Driving You Crazy? Here is What You Can Do

That loud STR driving you batty? Here’s what the rules are and whom you can call to fix the problem.

Are Property Owners or Renters Responsible for Reducing Risk of Wildfire?...

There is not any single blanket answer to the question: Is the renter or the homeowner responsible for fire prevention? Like with all things, a collaborative solution is ideal.

Economics of Rental Housing

After Nicole Reitter’s opinion piece about the perils of being a landlord got a lot of traction on social media, Tim Hauserman delves deeper into the true costs of home ownership.

Desperate Times Call For Desperate Measures?

Renters seeking housing are turning to social media to sell themselves as ideal tenants in hopes of scoring a lease.

Lack of Eviction

The pandemic-related eviction moratorium expired Sept. 30. Writer Tim Hauserman explores how the moratorium affected renters in Tahoe/Truckee

Long-Term Issues

STRs aren’t all to blame for the lack of affordable long-term rental housing in the region. Meet a local property owner whose efforts to offer long-term housing have been stifled by permitting woes.