Readers Reflect

Readers Reflect houses bite-sized letters to the editor. They come to us in many shapes and sizes, and it is up to the opinion editor to vet submissions, slim them to size, and edit them for style and clarity when appropriate. Email to share your reflection, or comment on one of our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts.

Proposals for Housing Regulations; We Would Be Trapped

Housing Crisis, Tahoe Summit, daring rescue, and wildfire fears; reactions to recent Moonshine articles

True Patriots; Good Character

A local duckling rescue by children inspires wildlife and environmental stewardship; readers reflect to popular online exclusive stories on social media

A Case of Mischaracterized Identity of Data and Sources; Evidence Lacking...

The community continues to weigh in on Tom McClintock’s and John Henry Beyer’s My Shot pieces and other local topics regarding climate change.

Anti-Global Warming Hysterics; Thanks to Squaw Valley

More climate change feedback; thanks to Squaw Alpine for supporting HR 763, the climate change legislation

Opinion Pages Should be a Sounding Board, Not a Pulpit; Spoken...

In response to opinion piece, The Sky is Not Falling Opinion Pages Should be a Sounding Board, Not a Pulpit Moonshine Ink has been a great...

Hardship for Parents; This Makes Me So Happy

In response to opinion piece, We Need Later Start Times Hardship for Parents I do not think elementary school working parents should take on the burden...

Opposing the Tahoe City Cross-Country Lodge; Props on Shedding Proper Info


Opposition to the planned cross-country ski lodge in Tahoe City continues; props on props; and back in the grocery aisle

Longtime Gas Price-Fixing; Not so Distant


In support of rate increases for underground lines; gas station price-fixing; separation of snowmobilers and skiers

Wallace Apologizes; Stephens Does, Too


Airport district directors apologize to Jim Wilkinson, for personal attacks that followed campaign finance questions.

NTPUD Needs a Change; Time to Check Back in


A differing of opinions about the NTPUD race, and its potential effect on the TTSA board


Withering on the Vine

Killing It

Setting the Record Straight

When Demand Exceeds Supply