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Readers Reflect houses bite-sized letters to the editor. They come to us in many shapes and sizes, and it is up to the opinion editor to vet submissions, slim them to size, and edit them for style and clarity when appropriate. Email editors@moonshineink.com to share your reflection, or comment on one of our Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter posts.

Wallace Apologizes; Stephens Does, Too


Airport district directors apologize to Jim Wilkinson, for personal attacks that followed campaign finance questions.

A Case of Mischaracterized Identity of Data and Sources; Evidence Lacking...

The community continues to weigh in on Tom McClintock’s and John Henry Beyer’s My Shot pieces and other local topics regarding climate change.

COVID is still here; vigil response

Moonshine made me a local; COVID won’t slow down; more.

Bikers Need to be Heard; The War on Workers


Why aren’t we discussing the war on workers? Tahoe’s trash problem needs to be addressed.

Gondola Would Create Amazing Skiing; Yes and No


Squaw Alpine Gondola and Dog Parks … readers say yes and no with gusto.

Truckee Police Chief; Tahoe Donner

Response to our editorial board’s editorial on Truckee police chief’s departure; further feedback on our coverage of Tahoe Donner’s change in power; more.

Define Front Runner; Addressing Short Term Rentals


The race for Tom McClintock’s 4th congressional district seat is a close one. Making the assumption that one candidate is the front runner is just inaccurate; Due to Moonshine coverage, Tahoe/Truckee residents are more aware of short term rentals and their future locally. It will be very interesting to see how and if our region addresses this issue.

Raley’s Longtime Interest; The Canadian Method


Weighing in on the grocery Store Wars; Get Tahoe City Lodge going

Enforcement Over Regulation; Acting Now on Climate

Readers Reflect: Calls to climate action and in rejection of the necessity of fossil fuels; reaction to STRs, horses, bears; more.

Start Acting Like a Family; Thanks to Woo

Start Acting Like a Family In late June, 300 of us gathered together in Truckee to protest for immigration reform, to “Keep Families Together.” Things...


Where’s the Beef?

Cool as a Cucumber

Dementia Discharge