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Publisher's Note

Musings from the top, by publisher Mayumi Peacock

Scrappy Solutions in Today’s World


Our publisher believes herself to be scrappy and a critical thinker — the perfect recipe for being a solutions sleuth.

Illusions of Someday

When we get through this global pandemic, big changes are likely. I hope for a profound shift to heal the divisions that stymie our country. And I found the answer on a bumper sticker.

Since the Dawn of Time, It’s Been About Dogs


Our mission this edition? Celebrate the canines who have it best in the world — Tahoe dogs.

Heed the Call to Hunker Down

The massive December storms and resultant wild experiences remind us of the need to slow down.

The Many Faces of the Housing Issue


Moonshine's publisher discusses why our series on the region's housing crisis is important to our community and in developing solutions.  

Calling a Spade a Spade


Moonshine Ink is the process of renaming parts of our paper, calling to mind the question of what’s in a name.

Would a Buck-Fifty of Words Get You to a 9 a.m....


Just 130 words motivated this guy to take time out of his day to attend a public agency board meeting. And he wasn’t the only one.

There Will Never Again Be Another Manita Nery


The river is raging. While it’s darn beautiful and much needed, I am reminded of a profound loss I experienced 15 years ago due to a freak accident.

Survival of the Kindest


Forget about survival of the fittest. Helping each other improves our ability to survive.