Practical Wellness

Practical Wellness falls under the Wellness & Learning umbrella, which covers all things fitness and wellness in creative and inspiring ways that resonate with people living in a mountain community.

If You Don’t Snooze, You Lose

Everyone knows that sleep loss makes you feel lousy. But losing sleep early in the night has a different effect on memory, learning, and creativity than losing the same number of hours toward morning. Linda Lindsay examines why everyone needs a full night of sleep —especially students heading back to school.

Circadian Rhythms and LED Blues


LED screens on our devices produce an abundant amount of blue light, and this particular light is wreaking havoc with our sleep and our health.

Tropical Oils: Healthy or Hazardous?


Tropical oils like palm kernel oil, palm oil, and coconut oil have lots of health benefits, but it depends on how they are processed.

The Key to Good Habits


How should you classify your habit forming techniques?

Get Cultured


The yogurt aisle used to be a pretty straightforward place, offering a handful of flavors and a choice of nonfat, low-fat, or whole milk yogurt. But most yogurts are marketed to appear healthier than they really are. To find a quality product, here are some things you should know.