Practical Wellness

Practical Wellness falls under the Wellness & Learning umbrella, which covers all things fitness and wellness in creative and inspiring ways that resonate with people living in a mountain community.

Performance in a Bottle


Do sports drinks really help you recover and perform better? Yes and no.

Potatoes — Filling or Fattening?


We all know the potato is filling, but is it fattening, too?

Arsenic and Rice: An Unfortunate Link

Arsenic was once known as the poison of kings and the king of poisons; the former because it is thought to have dethroned many...

Kill Your Pain, Not Your Liver


Be wise with over-the-counter pain medications

The Gluten-Free Craze: Fad or Necessity?

When Truckee contractor Dan Moore cut gluten from his diet, he didn’t do it for his health. Moore’s wife was going gluten-free, and he...