Contemporary printmaker Mary Kenny’s new venture, Peak to Peak Projects, was inspired by her husband’s goal to hike the peaks of the Tahoe Rim Trail. He suggested getting a poster to document their adventures, to which she replied, “I’m not hanging a poster on the wall; I make prints!” The designs and enthusiasm behind Peak to Peak Projects revolve around hand-pulled prints and exploring the Sierra Nevada. She sees this project expanding into her interests in mural works and exhibitions, bringing together a community of artists.

WELL-MESHED: Pushing ink through a fine mesh, Mary Kenny started a new edition of prints that reflect the surrounding mountains of the Sierra Nevada. Courtesy photo

After moving from Ohio over 20 years ago, Mary was taken by the beauty of the Western landscape. As a result, her art practice speaks to the mountains and natural landscapes of the Sierra.

She shares her passion for making through teaching as an associate professor at Sierra Nevada University in Incline Village. When not teaching, she’s creating work at her home studio in Truckee. Mary recently spent two weeks wandering and documenting the landscape surrounding the Black Rock Desert. Her series Longing Landscapes features collaged prints that incorporate geographic materials reflecting the diverse environments of Northern Nevada and California. Portions of landscape photographs are taken and integrated into new, imaged landscapes.


Find more on Instagram under @marykennyart and @peaktopeakprojects or online at


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