Photos by Ted Coakley III


As a Pier Appears

A reminder after one of the most tumultuous years in our lifetimes:
Every day is a new day — a chance for things to be different.


Just ask your everyday utilitarian pier.

Some days, the sun reaches high in the sky, and you feel its warmth.

    Some days, it’s low, obscured or seemingly unfelt.

Some days, the air is still. 

    Some days, the air is beating the waves upon your ribs.

Some days, you’re blanketed in white powder.

     Some days, you’re drenched clean from the sky.

Some days are drab as gray can be.

     Some days gift us colors we may not have remembered were there. 

Just as every day at this pier is a new day, every year is a new year — with new conditions different than before and fresh opportunities for a better experience and existence.

Just as one day on this pier is not the sum total of the pier’s reality, 2020 is not the sum total of our reality.

Sounds good to me!  

Happy New Year!

    May 2021 gift you your best days yet!

To peer at more appearances of this pier, or for prints, booking, exhibition, and collaboration, visit or tc3imagery on Instagram.



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