It’s a (not so proven) fact that 99 percent of North Lake Tahoe residents hail from New England, the land of clam chowder and frappes. A few of us come from Virginia, a handful from Oregon, and exactly one of us comes from Oklahoma. Most of us move here for similar reasons; to enjoy the beautiful summers and the debatably amazing winters. Some of us chase love into the mountains and linger after it’s over, while others find love in these here hills. We are all here now, but where did we come from? Moonshine Ink takes to the streets to ask, “Do you know where you came from? I mean not like where you moved from, but, where did you COME from?”



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My grandfather, Lester Theodore May, was out of the hills of Tennessee. His father was Pleasant Savannah May. My grandfather was one of 18 children. His mother, my great-grandmother, divorced and remarried the man who started the Foursquare Church. My grandfather detested church but his wife went to church every Sunday. He would sneak in and wait in the back of church so he could be with her.

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My dad was born in the Czech Republic but his family descends from Sweden. He came to the USA as an exchange student. My mom’s family has been in the USA for about five generations, but originally descended from the United Kingdom, specifically Great Britain.



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You can trace my entire family back to Mexico City. My family brought me to Lake Tahoe in 1991, and we have been here ever since.




Hold on, I need to ask my mom … My paternal grandfather is Welsh and my grandmother is Swiss. As for my mother’s side, my great-grandpa was half Scottish and half German, and my grandma was Scottish and Irish.




I am from Hereford, England. My middle name is Tudor, a famous English name. Three of my grandparents are from Hereford, England and there is not much more to it. You can call it Podunk, England. That is where I am from — Podunk, England.


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