Hate it or love it — free, open, unregulated internet is here to stay. I’m sure most of us remember the time before computers ruled the world, and a small few of us still live blissfully in that time. With so much beauty surrounding us and so many outdoor activities to partake in, disconnecting from it all is not horribly difficult. That is what we love about our wonderful mountain home. BUT, some of us have harnessed that wacky technology to create more freedom by finding a way to work from home. We call it telecommuting, or working remotely. Moonshine Ink hit the streets to find out just how many cyber-gypsies roam the hills of Tahoe and ask our citizens the important questions, “Do you telecommute? If so, tell me about it. And if not, could you, and would you?”



Injured ski coach, raft guide, Alpine Meadows

I do not telecommute. I prefer hands-on work. I am a ski coach and a raft guide, so I can’t quite sit in a coffee shop to perform those jobs. Is it considered working remotely while skiing down a mountain or floating down a river?



Founder, president, Acoustic Selling

I founded Acoustic Selling in Washington, where we offer consulting to help companies keep up with technology. I moved from Seattle in the beginning of August and currently live in Tahoe City. I had the chance to live anywhere in the USA but chose Lake Tahoe. The hardest part about working remotely is being away from others in my industry, so I travel a bit more to conferences, but that is a small price to pay to live in paradise.



Freelance writer

I have clients in the Bay and Truckee. I like to work on site with clients when I have the chance, but it’s nice to work remotely from Truckee. On a rainy day, I prefer working from a cozy coffee shop or at home in my underwear.



Strategic brand manager

I have been working remotely for a year and a half now. I’ve found it to be flexible and work great with my lifestyle. Working remotely does have its challenges such as finding good wi-fi and taking the time to commute from coffee shop to coffee shop, but I think the benefits outweigh the struggles. I don’t know how long it will last but it works perfect for me right now.

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