Shoulder season is here, and while there is a sense of reprieve from the hecticness of summer, many of us still have to deal with exhausting circumstances in our daily lives. As your local newspaper, we understand how necessary it is to vent from time to time, so we strolled the streets of Tahoe City to ask: What has you feeling burnt out? For those looking to remedy exhaustion from a busy life, find helpful tips here.

Jessica Limeburner, Incline Village



I’m tired of tourists because I feel like they attract the bears. I’ve had a lot of bear problems this year, and have seen a lot of short-term renters leaving trash outside.

Photos by Jeremy Jensen/Moonshine Ink

Mo Millican, Lake Forest

Wine Steward

I’m burnt out on turning on the radio, turning on the TV, going on my phone, and seeing social media showing “The Trump administration today…” I don’t want to hear about the Trump administration ever again — nobody does.

Mike Akay, Truckee


I’m burnt out on construction delays. I cannot believe how long we have to wait, day and night, particularly on Highway 89.

Carol Hester, Tahoe City

Owner, Geared for Games

I’m burnt out on the business. We had a major flood this winter and it kind of zapped my resources. The fix for that has been yoga, exercise, and having my daughter start to take over the business.

Ali Noble, Truckee


There really is such a thing as stupid questions. People will come in and not listen, and since they didn’t listen I end up spending twice as much of my precious time explaining again to someone who is on vacation and just wants to enjoy themselves.




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