In contemporary American culture, we have more options for alcoholic beverages than ever; between the rising craft beer scene, international wine exchanges, and the ease with which one can distill spirits at home, you can almost feel inebriated by all of the choices. Moonshine Ink strolled the bars of downtown Truckee to ask four bartenders and one self-proclaimed Old Town Tap enthusiast, “What is your favorite alcoholic drink and why?” And if you’re curious as to whether the potential benefits of certain alcohol outweigh the risks, make sure to read The Paradox of Alcohol.

BOBBY KEEBLER, Alpine Meadows

Bartender, Mellow Fellow

My favorite drink is beer, generally dark beers, like your porters or stouts. I enjoy the hobby of trying different beers from different breweries.

Photos by Jeremy Jensen/Moonshine Ink


Bartender, El Toro Bravo

Mine is super simplistic, we serve one here, it’s called the T-Bomb, it’s basically just an energy drink and whiskey. I like it because the combination helps me stay up while I work and I also think it has a great flavor.


Massage therapist

It really depends on the moment and my mood, because I’m a female; we’re very complex. If I were to generalize I would say tequila. I love margaritas, and tequila doesn’t make me tired, or wanna fight like other liquors might. It’s also gluten free and comes from our Latin brothers down south!


Bartender, Old Town Tap

Hot toddy, it’s that time of season, it’s cold out, and it’s just a great drink. It’s also one of those cocktails that people say helps when you have a cold.


Bartender, Moody’s

Tequila, because it can be medicinal. I’ve read tequila with 100 percent agave acts as a good probiotic and can strengthen our immune systems — in moderation of course.