They say the holiday season is the time for giving. Who ‘they’ are, I’m not sure, but some of the best of us dedicate time and money to charity all year long — those who work for or with nonprofits, groups which largely exist to do the business of positive change-making. This month we decided to ask locals what their favorite nonprofits are.


Tahoe Sports Hub

Probably the Humane Society because it takes care of all the little dogs that need help out there. And kitties.


Owner, Truckee Love; Tahoe University, ela chapman

I love Project MANA because they tackle hunger in our regular community, so not just people who are low income, but families who may not have a lot of money that month. Years ago, they provided my family a Thanksgiving dinner, and so I was able to go and get food and not feel any shame or embarrassment in doing it. They bring understanding to middle-to-lower class people who sometimes need a little bit of help in order to feed their families healthy food.


JEN PIZZI, Truckee

Operations specialist, Landing

I would choose High Fives because its athletes resonate so closely with our lifestyle here in Tahoe. Knowing that an organization like High Fives is there to support individuals who sustain life-changing injuries by helping them continue to live a life of adventure is an amazing feat.


Owner, The Cooking Gallery

My favorite nonprofit is the TDMA, which is the Truckee Downtown Merchants Association, of which I am on the board. Just being a part of the community and being able to maintain a good solid local business here in town I think just benefits everybody in the community.


Shop manager, Riverside Studios

Humane Society because I have two rescue dogs and I plan to rescue from here to the end of my days. I was born and raised on a farm and there’s just too many animals out there that are unneutered and homeless and abused, and I don’t ever want to buy from a puppy mill or a pet store when there’s lots of worthy animals out there that can have a home.


  • Alex Hoeft

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