Let’s give a major shout-out to all the musicians out there, especially our local friends! We scurried around this month asking folks what summer concerts they have on their calendars, and we learned there are just as many local folks in bands as there are in the audience.

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JAKE ZENDER, Glenshire

Owner, Split Rock Music Company

Not going to any concerts this summer because I play in a band and I’m going to play a dozen shows myself. I can’t get out any more than that. My band’s called Everyday Outlaw and we’re playing all over the place: Truckee Rodeo, Alibi Ale Works, Sierra Stake Out, Nevada County Fairgrounds, a bunch of places.



Soon-to-be seventh-grader, Alder Creek
Middle School

I’m probably going to be going to Truckee Thursdays, Music in the Park, and Music on the Beach at Commons Beach. I’m excited because I usually go to them with lots of my friends … and listen to some sick music.



Third grade crew leader, Tahoe Expedition Academy

Definitely a bunch of just the local ones going on, either at the park or at Truckee Thursdays. Last night I was at the Commons in Tahoe City. Just kind of bumbling around at those. And then I’m going to spend two weeks in Colorado and while I’m there I’m going to see My Morning Jacket at Red Rocks, which I’m so excited about.


Music instructor, Split Rock Music Company; assistant executive director, Reno Jazz Orchestra

I am really looking forward to our performances with the Reno Jazz Orchestra this summer. I play trombone, and I’m also the assistant director. We’re going to be playing a tribute to Aretha Franklin … We’re going to have a gospel choir that we’re working with, and it just really brings a whole other layer of excitement to what we’re doing.


BEN MARTIN, Armstrong Tract

Executive director, Tahoe Truckee School of Music

Some of our student bands, they’re going to play at Truckee Thursdays. They’re going to open up for the main band. I’m going to go to those concerts to see the kids … I love going to the Wednesday night concerts here. I’ve been to the first two already. I love to see the local bands. Then I hope to get out to Squaw Valley for the Bluesdays on Tuesdays.