In case you’ve managed to miss the inundation of decade summaries splashed across the social media feeds of friends and family, we found random people to fill your void. And props to these folks — using only three words to cover an entire year of life isn’t easy.

PhD student; instructor, University of Nevada, Reno

Liberalizing. I traveled to four new countries, presented at two academic conferences, taught solo for the first time, read over 100 books, started conversations with strangers, tried weird food, and survived it all. Clear. Through all of the chaos of the year, every situation had a very obvious decision. Humbling. I failed my largest comprehensive exam … it is the most impactful failure of my life and crushed me, but I’m working even harder to ensure it doesn’t happen again.



System administrator, Gallagher Benefits Services

The three words to describe 2019 are despair, depression, and sadness.

KIM WATSON, Tahoe Donner
Tickets, operations, Tahoe Donner Cross Country

Building. We built a house that we’ve been planning to build for many years.
Mountains. We lived up here for the whole year, one year of our lives, while we built the house so we were in the mountains for a whole year.
Community. [We invited] as many people as possible to our house from both here and other places.

SHAWNA FARIS, Sierra Meadows
Marketing manager, The Ritz-Carlton, Lake Tahoe

I would say challenging, exciting, and transformative.

Student; receptionist, Performance
Training Center

2019 summed up in three words would be transitional, loving, and dynamic.


  • Alex Hoeft

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