I like to think that with age comes wisdom, but that’s not always the case. Or maybe it is, and we all just start out really, really foolish (though I think Sierra’s answer is pretty profound for an 11-year-old). From a glass-half-full perspective, though, hindsight becomes a little clearer each day, especially when it involves our own experiences and decisions.

Shouldn’t have dated that guy? Wish you’d taken that job? How about thinking how lucky you are to be where you are now?

Out on the town, I asked folks to look back at their lives and reflect. To your younger, wilder, crazier self, what would you say as you put a comforting arm around your younger shoulder?




To my younger self, [it] would be take more risks … whether it’s physical risks or emotional risks or trying something new. Realize what you don’t know and be open to find out what’s new.


Vocalist with Joe Craven and The Sometimers

To not stress out so much. Everything happens for a reason, all the good and the bad. It all works itself out. Don’t stress out about the task and be in the moment.



Instead of doing just paintings for sole source of income, I wish I had developed my music to a level where I could’ve made some kind of an income. Getting a band together and doing original music. I’ve played music my whole life, I’ve just never done it professionally.


Sixth-Grader at Alder Creek Middle School

I was actually thinking about this the other day and I was thinking about the stupid things I’ve done. If you could go back in time and change one thing, what would it be — I guess it would be turning in all your homework. You have to finish all of it and turn it in, too, because if you don’t turn it in and it’s all done, your teacher’s not going to believe you.

JILL AMEN, Kings Beach

Co-owner, Mountain Living Home Consignment

To really think your decisions through and the ramifications that your decisions will have in the future. The smallest things you think aren’t going to impact you absolutely will and that is true in terms of relationships and most certainly for financial decisions. You will catch up with yourself.


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