On Nov. 6, you have the opportunity to renew an investment in our local students. I ask you to do so by voting YES on Measure AA.

Measure AA is a renewal of previous Measures S and A. It is a parcel tax that was first passed by local voters in 1989 due to an underfunding of education by the state. I became involved at that time because I had two children that were attending, and two who would soon be attending, local public schools. I wanted them to have the best possible education they could, right here in Tahoe/Truckee.


Some investments are worth more than others. I saw that putting local dollars to work in local schools was a very worthwhile investment. When Measure S passed, this created money for more science and computer labs, honors and AP classes, vocational programs, music, PE, libraries, and equipment and supplies that students would not have otherwise had. It was clear that Measure S was enhancing educational opportunities and needed to be extended beyond its term.

To help ensure the continuation of our local funding, I decided it was worthwhile to invest my time and energy into the effort to pass Measure S when it came up for renewal. I was co-chair of the campaign in 1993 and chair in 1997. I also served on a citizen oversight committee to ensure that all money went to students where it was intended. This oversight committee safeguard continues to be in place for the upcoming Measure AA.

The measure has been successfully extended since 1989 and has defined our school district as an exemplary one. The school district has been recognized as a Green Ribbon School District by the U.S. Department of Education (see here), and most of our schools have been named California Gold Ribbon Schools by the state superintendent of instruction. Going forward, each of our small parcel tax contributions to Measure AA will generate $5.6 million annually to enhance public education.

Our community should be proud of helping to provide a well-rounded, high-quality education for its students. However, if we want to continue the programs we have come to expect we will need to reach a two-thirds majority vote on Election Day. I know personally that this is not easy to achieve. On Nov. 6, it will take all of our yes votes to pass Measure AA for another nine years.

My own children have graduated from TTUSD schools, followed their career paths, and been able to return to Tahoe to work and live. During these next nine years I will have two grandchildren attending our local schools. I have the same expectations as I did in 1989 — that they will receive a robust, high-quality education.

Please join me with your investment of time and money on Nov. 6. Go to the polls and vote YES on Measure AA. For more information on Measure AA visit or contact Christa Barker Myers at

~ Jan Ganong has served as chair and co-chair of the Measure S Oversight Committee and watched two generations of children and grandchildren go through the local public school system.


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