In response to online exclusive California District 4 Rep. Tom McClintock Responds to Trump’s Tweets

True Patriots

The four congresswomen don’t hate our country. They do hate the current political antics of this president and the Republican apologists. Just waving the flag doesn’t make you a patriot.

~ Ralph E. Davis, Sacramento resident, via Facebook


Good Character

Congressman Tom McClintock, you continue to not get it. Just because people can’t stand this president doesn’t mean we are not patriotic. The fact that you’re another one just “going along” and have zero guts to speak out when he’s wrong tells a lot about your character. We need someone with good character!

~ Kathi Marie, Truckee resident, via Facebook

Posts Weren’t Racist

Funny … I would have to say that I have heard thousands of times, in lift lines, “why don’t you go back to the Bay Area.” I actually believe that “go back to the Bay” and “go back to where you came from” are interchangeable. Took it as to go back to the cities/districts that you represent! I believe they declared themselves the something of four … Not my fault or Trump’s fault that they chose to be racists and not include any white people in their movement (I wonder why).

Are you suggesting that because they aren’t white they are exempt to such comments?

~ Daryl Simms, Truckee visitor, via Facebook

Duckling Rescue Brings Hope

In our current climate of intolerance and anti-stewardship for our planet, I believe it is vital to recognize actions for good.

What makes this experience so compelling to me is the cornerstone of the effort being a community of about 10 Donner Creek Mobile Home Park kids (most under 12 years old), who discovered a pair of traumatized ducklings and two other ducklings that were deceased. The children were reverential and composed while witnessing the death, but focused on the ducklings that appeared to be on their own and in need. The kids approached me on my walk on the Saturday after the 4th of July. I called the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe, which referred me to the BEAR League and I spoke with kind Ann Bryant. An hour later, the kids had the two ducklings safely contained with water. We texted Ann a picture for her to identify the ducks and she quickly responded that they were Mallard and she had all the necessary supplies to care for them.

Ann then explained we needed to bring them to the Homewood location, but with 4th of July traffic we couldn’t figure it out…until superhero Animal Control Officer Melissa Holbrook picked up the phone and agreed to transport the ducklings! We were all thrilled. I reflected with the children about collaboration, respect for nature, asking for help, considering options, hope, and even a discussion about death and survival. Wow, what a meaningful day for us all. I am so proud of the children and grateful to the Town of Truckee, the BEAR League, and the Humane Society of Truckee-Tahoe!

Officer Holbrook arrived, spent a few moments interacting with the kids, and accepted the ducks, now named Donner & Creek by the group. After 24 hours, the ducklings were doing great and Ann informed me that she received two more ducklings that same night and two more the next morning.

~ Suzanne Simon, Truckee resident, via letter


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