While North Lake Tahoe might not win any awards for its nightlife, Outside advertorials, or BEST NIGHTLIFE IN LAKE TAHOE blog posts and obscure journals, there is still plenty of fun to be had before 10 p.m. Just be sure to fill your belly before 9 p.m. Personally, I believe that we have the perfect amount of nightlife for a sleepy mountain town, but as my sensei has always told me, “It’s not the quantity of the nightlife that matters, it’s the quality.” After meditating on this advice, and drinking a nice strong IPA, Moonshine Ink decided I should drink a few more IPAs, then pound the pavement to really get down to the root of the matter and ask our lovely residents, “Where do you typically enjoy a night out on the town, and what do you think would improve upon that night?”

SAM HOYLE, Truckee Spanish Teacher, Sugar Bowl Academy I usually enjoy beers at the local bars, then find myself at Old Town Tap for cheese curds and pizza at dinner time. I’m really looking forward to having a movie theater in Truckee, so I can ride my bike to all the ski movies. Photos by Wade Snider/Moonshine Ink
TOM ZIMMERMAN, Reno Engineer, Tesla Gigafactory On my days off, I spend my time between rock climbing all around Tahoe, then I head to grab a drink afterward. To be quite honest, I prefer having my beverages at home, just in case I want to let loose and do the worm for hours. Bars around Tahoe frown on that kind of behavior, or maybe they just don’t like my technique. More pizza options would be nice, though.
JENAE PINO, Truckee Stylist, Sacred Salon Truckee is definitely lacking in nightlife, but this is a small mountain town, so it is expected to be somewhat sleepy. I think a bigger music venue would be able to draw in bigger names. Alibi has a good music scene going, along with Moody’s, but both places seem to fill up quickly, especially Moody’s. I am curious to see what the new Tahoe Art Haus theater in Truckee will do regarding music.
TAILER SPINNEY, Truckee Bartender, Alibi Ale House I’m probably not the best person to ask about nightlife. I spend my time working at Alibi then hop over to Casa Baeza for a margarita. The only thing I really want Truckee to improve with its nightlife is to offer good late-night food. I don’t want bar food. I want an option to grab an actual meal past 10 p.m. I also think a year-round night shuttle would increase the quality of Truckee’s nightlife.

Barista, Coffeebar
I’ve actually never gone out in Kings Beach. There really aren’t any options that I am interested in. When I want to go out, I go to either Incline Village or the Crystal Bay Casino. During the summer, Kings Beach has Friday night music, which is fun, but I want to see more live music options.