I spent the past weekend outside in the sunshine, skiing corn snow, in funky costumes with each day culminating in live music at Squaw Valley’s WinterWonderGrass. This is what it is all about, I repeatedly thought to myself, surrounded by blue skies, mountains, and friends. Really, what could be better? I had friends in town from both the East Coast and Bend, Ore., for just a quick weekend, visiting the beautiful corner of the world that I now call home. It is these moments that make it all worth it.

But really, it is important that I take a step back and remember a lot of not-so-good-stuff goes into making these great times possible. It isn’t always days like these.

We are now in the third month of Moonshine Ink covering the #TahoeHousingCrisis in Truckee/North Lake Tahoe. I have lived in Tahoe going on three years and have lived in four different houses — including crashing on a friend’s couch for a month. And let me tell you, I am not moving around because I want to, I do it because I have to to live here. I am officially in the rut of going from vacation rental to seasonal rental to ski-lease.
I work multiple jobs to fund my somewhat kooky lifestyle.


In the April Moonshine Ink, we cover the good, the bad, and the ugly of living in Truckee/North Lake Tahoe. Clinging to the old adage of having to take the bad to appreciate the good, we analyze the downhill slope in which our housing market is falling, here, and we speak with respected locals, asking them to broach the topic of death in the action sports community, here.

Thankfully, on a happier note, we talk with the administrator of the Tahoe/Truckee people Facebook group on here, and see how our community bands together to support one of our own on here.

Really, when trying to make it work, it is all about optimism — at least for me. What I love about Truckee/North Lake Tahoe is its ability to find good in most things. Not dissimilar to the morel mushroom, here, that would not grow without the devastating effects of forest fires to the land.

Optimism. I am a firm believer in optimism and understanding that living in Tahoe isn’t always easy, but, for me, it’s worth it.