There might not be a bigger issue that ski towns are facing today (well, maybe except for climate change and exponential population growth) than the housing market, and North Lake Tahoe is no exception. Rentals are becoming harder and harder to find, while prices are rising and wages are remaining stagnant. The number of second homes is increasing, aided by agencies such as VRBO and Airbnb, while locals are crossing out choices on a shortening list of available rentals. Moonshine Ink took to the streets to ask the question, “How has your rental experience been?” Read about efforts to bring more affordable housing to the region.



Owner, Inspired Balloons

I’ve actually been really lucky and have lived in the same place for the past six years. My landlords are great and the property management is okay. My lease is coming up soon, so things could change very quickly. I’m hoping for the best.

Photos by Wade Snider/Moonshine Ink


Store Director, Save Mart

I live in Reno, but the housing market in North Lake Tahoe is directly effecting my business. We rely on seasonal workers and J1s while hoping to provide those workers as many hours as possible. Out of the 15 employees we need this summer, we’ve only been able to hire three. This is the story with every big business in North Lake Tahoe. We want to provide the best service possible, but when we can’t find enough employees, everyone feels it.

ALEX BANKS, Tahoe City

Author, Moon Highway

We have been renting an apartment at Granlibakken for the past six years. This year we got a scare because the owner was selling the place, so we started looking for a new spot. It turns out he sold it to his daughter as an investment property, so we are safe for now. We are still worried she is going to significantly raise the rent. Everything in here is old, especially the carpet. Don’t print that we have an old carpet.

BRITTANY BURRIS, Tahoe City for now

Star Child, New Moon

When I moved here two years ago, I was able to find affordable housing in a great location with a great group of people. Since then, it’s been a different story. A roommate lied about our total cost of rent so he could pay less, a landlord decided not to continue renting long term, and I had to talk to a lawyer in order to fight for our legal 60-day notice. I am trying not to let this housing crisis affect my love for this magical place!


Massage therapist

My husband and I found out a month before our wedding that we had three months to either buy our rental or move out. We had lived in this wonderful home for three years but did not want to buy it since it was overpriced. We finally found the perfect home down the street. Our neighbor, a second homeowner, let us stay in his house for 19 days until our closing. A stressful situation showed us the true kindness of our neighbors and friends.



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