Corporations have a purpose and provide services we all need, but their one-size-fits-all approach and homogeneity is the antithesis to what I believe many of us crave: authenticity.

LOCAL COFFEE, LOCAL NEWS: Get to know your community in an authentic way

And where do you find that? Mom-and-pop stores. When I have the choice between a Starbucks and a local café, I choose the café. When I see a Gap on one corner and a boutique on the other, I opt for the boutique. Of course, there is comfort in chains (no matter if you are in Savannah or San Diego, you know what you are getting with a grande Frappuccino), but does it tell you anything about the place you are in or the people who live there?

The same is true of newspapers. Sure, you can pick up a copy of USA Today and get a superficial gist for what’s going on in our country. But if you want to know the issues facing your community, you need a local newspaper. And you need one that takes the time to delve deep into important stories. Month after month,  Moonshine Ink does just that. Can you imagine any other newspaper breaking the 2012 and 2014 stories about Tahoe Forest Hospital that led to a two-year investigation and forced out the CEO?


Media is called the fourth estate because it plays such a crucial role in our political process as a watchdog. The adage “Think globally, act locally” is true. But to act locally, you need to be an informed citizen. And to be an informed citizen, you need a local independent newspaper serving as your fourth branch of government.

~ Melissa Siig, former Moonshine Ink editor and reporter; co-owner of Tahoe Art Haus & Cinema and Tahoe Tap Haus.

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