Dismal. Meager. Bare. We’ve heard these adjectives ad nauseam over the last four years to describe our winters. Of course it makes sense that we obsess over the drought’s effects, as our recreational joy and economic lifeblood — not to mention our drinking water and agricultural industry — are buoyed by the fluffy white stuff.

As the worries expand, an air of gloominess can be seen building under the bluebird skies. Many hang up their skis and wait. But running in the other direction, the current of positivity percolating up from some members in the snowsports community is as robust as ever.

In this issue we hear from the perpetually stoked, starting with the staff of Nidecker North America (here), some of whom chomp at the bit for pre-work splitboard trips. Then there is Truckee’s Dylan Zellers (here), a champion junior snowboarder who sees the recent conditions as a “hidden blessing.” Rounding it out are the hordes of junior teams (here) that are training hard all day, thriving on the raw fun of it, and progressing at a dizzying pace.


It all boils down to the variety of ways people utilize the offerings of the community, a theme that continues with three stories on alcohol’s powerful role in Truckee/Tahoe. We look at the alarming rate of consumption in the Tahoe region (here) juxtaposed with the new craft distilling trend in Nevada (here). Booze has been in fat supply here since at least the bootlegging days (here), and has been both grossly abused as well as responsibly enjoyed.

Toward which side do we gravitate when given options such as what to make of a drought, or how much to drink? Is the resulting direction productive or destructive?

The skiers and snowboarders in this issue are no less than some of the best shredders in the country, if not the world, and their achievements show the result of choosing a most productive path. They refuse to let a little adversity, in the form of low snow, stop them from achieving what they are ferociously hungry for. What are you hungry for?


  • Dave Zook

    Dave Zook has been aiming to turn interests in outdoor activities like snowboarding and surfing into a professional endeavor for quite some time. He is elated to be writing and editing for Moonshine Ink and still have time to explore the ample offerings of the Sierra.

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